Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Durban International Film Festival

Every year we eventually see the "eye-ball" posters up all around Durban... It means one thing, the Durban International Film Festival. This year you are yet to see some fine talent! If you are interested in any of the films, I encourage you to download this schedule and then go here for short film synopses, here for feature film synopses and here for the down-low on Durban's interesting take of cinema, Wavescapes.

Mates of mine have created this awesome schedule of the films so check out the above synopses on all films and then diarize the ones you are keen to see!
If you are battling to get info from this, go here to get the schedule.... hopefully. Or just click on the image to enlarge and save as... (if you are a blogger, you know and I am preaching to the converted!)

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