Saturday, 23 July 2011

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I felt that it would be a cool idea to post about some blogs I check almost always and why... Put up the link and get you interested! (In no particular order).

This is one blog which I will try my best to read every time! Lauren Conrad, Amy Nadine & Kristin Ess keep all their blog fans up to date with the latest beauty tips and tricks. I love their "This or That" posts where by they ask YOUR opinion on a beauty topic or view and you can see the polls too! I also love how they easily make you feel normal and put themselves on your level with regards to beauty issues. They go the extra mile with the design effort in each post as well as the full tutorials on hair and make-up do's and I really enjoy reading the witty and knowledge-filled posts they put up on a nearly every day basis. This quirky, colourful and celeb-filled blog is a must! BTW, Lauren Conrad dyed her hair the tie-dye colours because of a blog poll!

2. The Thrift Collection
Need I say more? Pippa and Bevan do such a great job with this blog and I have enjoyed seeing the growth of the small blog and market business to what it is becoming today (or in August at least).
I think I own a good amount of clothing and fun stuff from this pair and their blog. The blog is an online shop which does not require credit cards... Payment is so easy and receiving the items is a real treat all wrapped in materials or the Daily News. I encourage you to pop over to this blog to score yourself a good bargain and a day of shopping indoors.

3. Everything Samantha Hearts
A work friend and a newly wed I love seeing Samantha's heart in and on her blog. Simplistic style and absolute creative flair makes this blog one which is a pleasure to pop into! Whether it is her take on winter style or some bowls that are perfect for her and her new hubby to eat ice-cream out of, you will always close the window on something that makes your heart a happy one. Lighthearted sayings pop out at random but are always right on track and brighten your day (mostly Fridays, because Samantha hearts Fridays!) Take a trip into Samantha's heart for some inspiration whether it be decor, fashion, food or family!

4. Owl City Blog
Band blogs. A new addition to my blog reading. It is a definite must. Owl City is admittedly not my style of music but to read their blog is extremely inspiring. It is like listening to their lyrics without listening to the beep bop sounds in the background (no offense, not my style).
Amazingly inspirational and insane to think that they are so "normal". I encourage you to take a read at this band blog. If not them then try...

5. MeWithoutYou

6. The Satorialist
European fashion photographed on the streets of Milan, France, New York, LA and over more seas taken by a renowned photographer. This blog inspires you (and me) to be more than normal with fashion and to flaunt your flair with pride... what if a camera happens to be by! =)

7. Hatching Heart 
With so much passion for colour, fashion, decor and trends I love looking at Liz of Hatching Hearts' blog for some ideas and hints of the seasons to come and what is going to be on trend. With her portfolio being placed on her blog, she really will show you all her talent! I love seeing her style come through in her ideas and the things that inspire her. I would encourage you to check this one out if you are keen on the decor down low!

8. Creative Stream
Deb's pours all her life and soul into this blog! It is one of my coolest hang outs and has so much great stuff to help you! Get inspired for your weekend with ideas of things to do, for your own home office with decor tips on maximising space and how to get the ideal look for you, for places to get good bargains and even for a chance to win! Creative Stream is the heart of a genuine decor lover caught in the internet's web. But oh, it is a beautiful web with lace detail and flowers...

9. Mr. Price Blog - In The Fashion Loop
Well duh. It is Mr. Price. Everyone knows that that has to be good! Well I love following this blog for it's pure assistance on trend insight and also because they give you a voice in fashion ideas. They love local and so you will always be updated on the hippest artists, grooviest designers and awesome 031 happenings.

10. FourtyFiftyOne Degrees
A mate's photographic geniuses mixed into one blog... This is one talented boy with much more in his bones and lens. His pictures do not just show the scene but the happenings, emotion and pure quality of life we are called to live in. This is the way life should be viewed. I love Chris' work and I hope to one day have one blown up and framed for my house. From his insane night life photography to his most recent colourful travel shots there is more than meets the lens with this photographer and it is only one blog away.

So that is it for now. I hope to one day do this again with a completely fresh list of 10 bloggers I appreciate. If you have any other suggestions for me... feel free to pop them in a comment and I will go take a look! For now, go and support these awesome blogs by taking a peak!

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