Friday, 22 November 2013

{Blog Series} Day 5 : How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business?

We have had a great first week of our blog series on "Tips for Starting Your Own Creative Business". If you have missed any of the first four posts then just take a look at the bottom of this post to find the links to them... No, that's not an excuse to exit this post as I know some of you are cringing at the thought of 'social media'. Hang in there, we're in this together.
It gets really tricky to try to understand how a hashtag(#) can help you get more recognition and an @ symbol is no longer just the middle of an email address but a way of finding people. I have become extremely passionate about Social Media and it's incredible way of turning a business that was once a name on a business card into a name on people's lips. If that is what you are craving for your new business then read on as I try to explain to you how it all helps.
I like to think of Social Media as various parts of a house on a street corner. It is the address so that someone can find you effectively. It is a post box so that people can communicate with you. And it is the doorbell so that you can open up to new people. With this being said, it is no surprise that Social Media is a frightening thing as you are opening yourself up to everyone, everywhere at any time. But is that such a scary thing when you are desiring to get noticed?
With so many Social Media sites around to help market yourself on the internet, it can be hard to choose just one. And then that is when I ask, "Why choose just one?" The greatest development in Social Media is that they are so easily inter-linkable. This means that when you post something on your blog (check out Roxy's great post on blogging) you can instantly click on a button and share it to your Facebook Page, Twitter Feed and Pinterest. So let me show you how integrating all platforms will help you in promoting your new and way cool business.
I have made these little check lists for four basic social sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Feel free to save them and print them and stick them next to Roxy's awesome blogging printable and get started if you haven't yet!

I have found the following sites helpful to use when trying to figure out more about a Facebook Page:
- On 'how to get started' : {here}
- On creating links to other sites : {here}

Here are some sites that can help you understand more about Twitter :
- Creating a successful Twitter account for your business : {here}

How to use Pinterest effectively : {here}

- Keep your posts on Facebook and Twitter as consistent as possible. This doesn't mean only posting as regularly as possible but be aware of how you write your information. Do you use caps when using a title of a post? Then continue to do so with all of your posts.
- Reply to all comments you receive. There is nothing worse than commenting on someone's picture or post and they do not take a second in their day to say a simple 'thank you'. If someone asks a question decide how you want to respond - do you want to try and find their email address and email them or would you like to just click 'reply' to the comment and respond there.
- If sharing someone else's content, make sure you have a good link to their site and a little mention on why you chose to use their content.
Here are some people to take a look at:

So I hope that this has helped you get a little bit more excited about diving into the big ocean of Social Media. It really isn't that bad once you get going but the aim is not give up otherwise everyone out there will see that and it won't be a good reflection on your awesome business.
I encourage you to go and take a look at the 4 ladies that have already done some amazing posts to help you with starting your own business. This series is not over yet - keep following us next week for more!

Day 1 : Caitlyn de Beer : "The Most Important Question to Ask When Starting?"
Day 2 : Megan Galloway : "Should You Combine Many Passions or Choose Just One?"
Day 3 : Ilze Louw : "The Importance of Professionalism"
Day 4 : Roxy Hutton : "Blogging - Where to Begin?"

* This post is part of a blog series where 9 creative South African women are sharing tips on ‘How to start your own creative business’. Click here to read about the series and get the links to all the other blog posts.  Who knows – this might just be the kick start you need to start moving your daydreams towards reality. If you know someone who might be interested in this series then please feel free to share on Facebook and Twitter :)


Unknown said...

Well done Kelly!! This is AMAZING and you have done the layout so beautifully!!!! <3

femmegypsy said...

Loving this series more and more every day :) Your layout for this post is so great! Thank you

Megan Galloway said...

Thanks for this Kelly. Up to now I've been a little reserved about using Pinterest for my business, but after reading your post I think it's a great idea! (PS I'm about to use my existing (tho' not brilliant) social media skills to share this super post - but I've resisted titling my posts "how to throw name using twitter!") ;-)

Unknown said...

I love social media and could probably write my own post, but I'll try keep this short and sweet! :)

Anyone who thinks social media is of no importance to their business has clearly missed the point.

"No longer are we looking for the news, it now finds us." - Erik Qualman

Your friends talk about products online and your decision whether to partake in the use of these products is purely based on there words. The ZMOT (Zero Moment Of Truth) has changed from seeing the advert on tv or in a magazine, to while you killing time on Facebook, using your mobile, while you waiting in line to pay for the coffee you just ordered.

As Erik Qualman says, its no longer word of mouth, its now world of mouth. Don't be stupid and say no to Social Media...

In 1992, James Carville coined the phrase "It's the economy, stupid." Today, thanks to Social Media, we can say "It's a people driven economy stupid!"

If you overheard someone saying something about your business in a coffee shop, you're tune in and focus on the conversation. How is Social Media different?

Are you listening to what people are saying online about your business?

You better be...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Dear Kelly,

Thank you so much for such an informative post. Even I (who claims to be a social media queen) has learnt so much from this post! And you've put it together in such an easy to read and look at way. You are one talented graphic designer! <3 x

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